Yuka Nakagawa

中川 由賀(宗由)

Leader 代表者


Certified teacher of the Omotesenke Japanese tea ceremony. I've been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for 35 years. The Japanese tea ceremony is a part of my life. Lawyer and professor, mother of a daughter and a son.


Mihoko Omori

大森 美保子

Table Sado in English 主宰 茶陽 ChaYou 飛騨高山オーナー

名古屋生まれ 23-32歳までニューヨークで過ごし 民族、異文化、多様性、人々のライフスタイルや生き方に多大な影響を受ける。2018年に”もっと世界に繋がりたい”という熱い想いを胸に椿の会テーブルスタイル茶道家として活動開始。2023年結婚を機に高山に移住。“茶陽”スタート。インバウンド客に向け一服のお茶から一期一会の時間を提供している。

I was born in Nagoya, and lived in New York from age 23-32. I was profoundly affected by this experience involving ethnicities, different cultures, diversity, people’s lifestyles and way of life. I started working as “Table Style Sado “ instructor with a PASSION of connecting Japan to the world from 2018. I moved to Takayama due to marriage. Then started ChaYou for inbound guests, offering a once-in-a-lifetime meeting through a bowl  of tea.


Mayumi Yamamoto

山本 麻友美

Table Style Sado Instructor テーブル茶道講師 

小学生の頃にアメリカで過ごした経験及び大人になってからのフランス在住経験から、外国の方との文化交流は常に私の人生の大切なテーマでした。茶道歴は浅いですが、日々、一杯のお茶がもたらしてくれるものの大きさに魅せられています。 子育てをしつつ、英語とフランス語のコーチングを本業としています。

Having lived in the U.S. and France for five years, international cultural exchange has been a constant source of passion and inspiration. While relatively new to the realm of Sado, I find myself increasingly captivated by the fascinating effect a simple bowl of tea can have. Excited about sharing an authentic Japanese experience with visitors from all over the world. Mother to a daughter, linguistic coach proficient in English and French.


Haruka Ueno

植野 日香

椿の会テーブルスタイル茶道 上級講師
江戸千家茶道教授 (宗香)


Tsubaki No Kai Table Style Sado instructor, Certified teacher of the Edosenke Japanese tea ceremony.

I used to live in Shanghai for my husband’s work and held Table Style Sado lessons there every month.

I’m currently in Tokyo working as a Table Style Sado instructor.


Ayako Shimizu

清水 綾子(宗綾)


I have been practicing the Omotesenke Japanese tea ceremony for 15 years. I have also been practicing Yoga, and now hold a teaching license. The Japanese tea ceremony and Yoga have something in common; the importance of concentrating on the "here and now". Lawyer and an external director of several companies.